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Paragon Group

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

About Paragon Group

  • Environment & Agriculture

What it does: Paragon Group is a large holding company in Bangladesh with companies that primarily specialise in the agriculture industry. They also have companies in the poultry, horticulture, printing press, and energy industries.

Best known for: Being one of the largest holding conglomerates in Bangladesh.

Staff stats: 4,200 employees across 16 companies in 30 locations.

The good bits: Competitive salary ranges for Bangladesh.

The not so good bits: Little to no vacation time for some positions.

The Paragon Group story

Paragon Group started as a printing and packaging company in 1952 by Mizanur Rahman. Since then, Rahman’s son, Moshiur, has built the company into one of the largest holding conglomerates in Bangladesh, with over 4,200 employees spanning 16 different companies. 

The recruitment process

The recruitment process with the Paragon Group is straightforward. The interview process for Paragon Group typically begins with two written tests. The first test covers general questions around math, English, and general job-related questions. The second test is a computer examination of general computer and English skills, primarily involving MS Excel problems. After passing the first two tests, the final step is a face-to-face interview with an HR Representative. The interview questions are typically job or skill related. After the final interview, the HR department reviews your qualifications and determines if you’re the right fit for the position, which can take time. You’ll receive a response within a couple of days to a few weeks. 

Career prospects

Since Paragon Group primarily specialises in the agriculture industry, many of the positions available revolve around agriculture. The company is typically looking for graduates in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and agriculture (sciences), and occasionally computer science. Though the careers with Paragon Group offer competitive wages and bonuses, the work-life balance is lacking—some positions don’t allow any vacation time, or only 7-days worth over a whole year.

Aside from their regular job openings, the company also provides a rather comprehensive internship program for students. The internship typically lasts around three months and teaches valuable skills relevant to your field of interest.


Though Paragon Group never explicitly mentions actual numbers, you can expect competitive salary ranges for the Bangladesh job market. Many of their positions also offer additional benefits, such as free accommodation, lunch facilities, regular health checkups (twice a month), and festival bonuses (three times a year). 

Social contributions

The Paragon Group regularly contributes to local communities throughout Bangladesh. Their most noteworthy contributions are a regular distribution of eggs, bananas, and other snacks to 17 primary schools and 2 Hafizia Madrasha (distributed twice weekly), and a ‘Dental Camp’ program every four months which provides children free dental care services.

General vibe of the place

The general vibe of Paragon Group? A great place to work for fresh grads who specialised in agriculture or engineering. The pay is competitive with the job market in Bangladesh, but check to see if you’ll be getting any vacation time as some positions offer very little to none.

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